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Finance Marketing

Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Finance stream imparts knowledge on management, control and review of the collection, investment, and resources of money. This course, MBA Finance, opens up various opportunities for students in the financial world allowing the aspirant to learn to analyse the company’s reports, forecast economic trends, how to maximize the stock values, balance risk and profitability, and at last investment portfolio management. The MBA in Finance prepares students for careers in financial planning, banking, corporate finance and accounting.

The aspirant can also additionally work in various fields, including taxation, investment portfolio management, taxation planning, asset and liability finance, hedge fund management, international finance and insurance management. An MBA in Finance can work in banking and non-banking sectors, including corporates. Every organisation has a finance department and requires a financial expert for maintaining the balance of capital. The skilled finance students can be part of the stock market, top-notch organisation, finance ministry or related organisations.

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